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Starfire's philosophy is that horses are happier and healthier moving, socializing, and living in herds outside-the way nature intended.

We do our best to provide accommodations as close to their natural environment as possible.

 Our horses are turned out 24 hours a day 7 days a week, unless we have inclement weather. We bring the horses in twice a day to eat, to get any supplements that you provide, and to be thoroughly checked.  Starfire  provides Thrive Horse Feed and free-choice, high-quality coastal hay both inside and outside in slow-feed containers, and their water is always fresh and clean.  The health and safety of the horses in our care is our top priority.

Placement in a pasture group is determined after consulting with you, the owner, and observing the personality of your horse.  Knowing the inner workings and dynamics of each herd as we do at Starfire allows us to determine the best pasture for your horse. The pasture groups and locations stay as consistent as possible to give the horses confidence in their environment.  

Starfire regularly schedules visits from qualified professionals in many areas of expertise:  veterinary care, hoof maintenance, chiropractic, dental care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and horsemanship education. We are happy to help you find a professional to meet your needs, or we welcome your current professional.
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